DuPont Pioneer

At Demerly Ag Plus we service, promote, and sell DuPont Pioneer Branded Products.


DuPont Crop Protection

At Demerly Ag Plus we offer whole farm solutions when it comes to your chemistry needs on your operation.



At Demerly Ag Plus we bring full farm data solutions to every grower. You'll enjoy access to our Encirca Certified Services Agent Cassie Misch

Demerly Electric LLC

At Demerly Ag Plus we have partnered with Demerly Electric LLC to bring you full electric solutions to your operation.  Joe Demerly will be available for all your electrical farm, commercial and residential needs

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Additional Services

Risk Management guidance through Insurance solutions

Customizable Planting Plans

Agronomic Scouting and Diagnostics

Bulk Handling and Treatment

Monitor and Technology Calibrations

In Season Delivery to Field

Harvest Analyzation