What is your planting plan?

Often times when I am meeting with growers this time a year the green hat chats are summarized around tax liabilities, the winter blues, quick winter vacations, and of course how our favorite basketball team is doing. (Boiler Up!) One of priorities for me during the winter months is meeting with each of my growers and developing their spring planting plan. Below I have summarized some of the top questions I ask this time of year to maximize profitability. 



  • Is the amount of acres correct in each field? 

  • Which acres are going to corn, beans, or another crop? 

  • If comparing “Brand X”, are we setup with similar hybrids that can go on similar soil types? 

  • Do we have the right trait mix? 

  • Are we setup on the right product, right acre? 

  • Is there a plan B or C setup for each field in case the plan doesn’t go according to plan? 

  • Are we spreading our risk when it comes to pollination? 

  • If assembling a variable rate recommendation are we both comfortable with populations? 

  • Do we need to make adjustments to certain hybrids as it relates to population? 

  • Are there trials you would like to setup on your operation to test certain theories? 

Each operation may have different questions when it comes to making your plan. The investment you have made in your seed inputs is an important one. It’s critical and I’ve learned a little less stressful when you have this planting book right next to you when it comes to waking those planters and tractors from their sleepy winter slumber. What is your plan??? 


Jeff Demerly